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Most people feel like they have to accept that skills like balance, memory, or mental sharpness absolutely decline as we age. After all, everyday things that used to be effortless may have gradually gotten harder as you age.

But there is a new breed of senior citizen that is fighting back, thanks to programs like Zing Performance.

Helping You Maintain Mobility, Balance, Cognition & Memory as You Age

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A Personalized At-Home Program to Help Seniors Recover & Maintain Mental Strength

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It starts with a one-on-one call to determine which of our carefully calibrated assessments is right for you.

How Does Zing Performance Help Today’s Seniors


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Why Do We Struggle As We Age?

Over time, the connections in your brain that send signals begin to weaken and don’t perform like they used to. This can lead to things like falls, difficulty remembering, declining social skills, or lessened mobility.



What is the Science Behind Zing Performance?

What are Professionals, Seniors & Their Families Saying About Zing Performance?

It’s well known that exercise is beneficial for overall health and mental health as well. Professor Rod Nicolson was curious if the process of coordinated exercise through Zing Performance had any effect on participants in his study. Over the course of 3 months, seniors who were engaged in the Zing Program and showed significant improvement over the control group in areas of balance, mortar skills, manual dexterity, memory, and even delayed memory recall.


Dr. Ned Hallowell

Founder of the Hallowell Centers

Dr. Albert Mensah

Founder of Mensah Medical

"I’m a big fan of this very remarkable and unique online Program, which unlocks potential, improves performance and creates lasting change." 

"This has opened up an entire spectrum of what we now understand to be correctable conditions and the science behind them."

"I found the team at Zing to be incredibly supportive, with just the right level of contact and loads of care." 

"My whole family participated in the Zing program and we were all highly impressed by the App, the customer service and the support we received throughout."

Yara G.

"There’s no doubt, this system has changed my life." 

Rose L.

Important Information for Seniors & Their Families

Preventing / Reversing Decline 
in Seniors

“I remember the sad discussion I had with my mother when she was 90 that 'perhaps she should give up driving.' Her reaction speed was not as good as it was, and her confidence was waning slowly. Pointing that out to her was like telling her that life as she knew it was over - and I felt her pain.”

Balance & Mobility

When you've been very active throughout life, starting to lose your mobility has severe practical and mental implications. Initially, you might push yourself to do what you've always done, but that can become problematic.

Memory & Cognition

When it gets harder to remember someone's name or send them a birthday card, or when you've left your keys - these and many other events make you very conscious that cognitive decline has set in and the outlook is gloomy.

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QUESTION: "Are the Exercises Hard? What If I Can't Do Them?"

YOU CAN! The Zing Performance Team has created a “Low Impact” Variation of the Zing Performance Program for those who aren’t able to do some of the more physically advanced exercises. We’ve worked with researchers to make sure these variations didn’t compromise the effectiveness of the program and still have an incredible impact on the development of the cerebellum.


Watch Some of Zing Performance's Low-Impact Exercises

It starts with a one-on-one call to determine which of our carefully calibrated assessments is right for you.
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