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The Value of Confidence

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), more than 1.6 million older adults in the US go to the emergency room for fall-related injuries each year. Often, it is not just the body that is hurt, it is also the confidence level. Loss of confidence can lead to life-changing falls

Conversely, regaining confidence is one of the best ways to help prevent falls. A great way older adults can regain their confidence is through the Zing Performance program. What is Zing? I am glad you are wondering!

Zing is a personalized, tailored program that helps the brain regenerate cells and plasticity. Scientific research has recently developed a powerful new way for people to not only maintain their brainpower as they age but to increase it.

​Take our complimentary online assessment today and get a true picture of your brain’s current capability and improvement potential. It’s only ten minutes and consists of a set of fun cognitive tests, tailored for children and adults.


Find out how much your brain skills can improve in:

· Visual and auditory working memory

· Concentration

· Memory recall and response time

· Decision making and productivity

· Balance & coordination

· Communication skills

· Controlling emotions

Once we know your true potential, we manage the program to improve these brain skills.

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