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  • Elizabeth Healy

Take Your Aging in Place Plan into Your Own Hands

As people grow older, they want to remain in their homes. They don’t want people telling them what to do when to do it, or why they must do it. They spent the first 20 years getting away from their parents to live on their own terms and follow their dreams. Then they spent 40 or more years building lives, and homes. Now as they hit their 80’s, others sometimes want to take control over them again. At least, that is what it often seems like, but that is often not the reality.

The reality is, as we all age we need extra help. Fortunately, that does not have to be an invasive process. Start planning in your 50s as to what you need for your home, for safety, and for your health.

Start with the basics

- Remodeling the home for safety. Fall prevention is the key to living at home longer.

- Zing Performance- Use this to keep your brain active and regenerating those areas of the brain that keep your confidence level high.

- Air Purification- Keep the air you breathe in the home pure, clean, and dust mite-free! It will have a major positive impact on your health and well-being.

After a major health scare or fall, invest in a noninvasive alert system. Check out a sensor system with remote care behind it.

Without a comprehensive plan, seniors often wind up in unhealthy and unsafe living conditions, isolated, and with a reduced quality of life. They are not able to fully enjoy their remaining years with their friends and families.

Take your aging-in-place plan into your own hands before you get to the age of worry and fear. As with anything it is best to hope for the best and plan for the worst.

Click here to tell us a little about your needs and your concerns. We will match you with a consultant who will be able to be your go-to person to help you with an aging plan from start to finish!

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