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Prevent Falls, Starting at the Brain!

There is a small part of the brain called the cerebellum that coordinates movement, controls balance and fine motor skills, and is involved in motor learning.

With advancing age, individuals begin to exhibit performance declines in a variety of areas, including working memory, processing speed, spatial processing, and long-term memory, though notably crystallized knowledge, such as vocabulary, remains intact (*Park et al., 2001).

Zing performance helps regenerate cells in the cerebellum, thereby increasing memory, cognition, balance, and motor skills. It starts with a 30-minute assessment followed by the creation of your personalized program, customized based on your markers.

Below is a sample of results from an assessment. The grey area shows where the assessment marked the client. The orange area is a very conservative goal for each area that can be reached using Zing Performance.

5 minutes, twice a day is all it takes for most people. Here’s what you will do:

·Log into an app on any web based device (smart phone, computer, tablet).

·Complete the exercises. (We have low or high impact…even complete chair-based programs.)

· Feel your confidence grow, balance increase, and memory become stronger.

Each month, your coach will speak with you to discuss your progress and modify your program to fit your goals.

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