Non-Invasive In-Home Monitoring System Designed with the Senior in Mind

Seniors who desire to age in place after a fall are often pressured into getting a wearable device, such as a button that hangs around the neck, or a watch. The challenge with these devices is that they are not practical for the Seniors because, the fact is, most refuse or forget to wear them, they don’t put them back on when walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or it they fall and land on the device, as often happens, they can’t reach it. Additionally, most seniors feel comfortable in their homes and do not see any danger walking from room to room.

But just a walk to the bathroom can result in a fall. The fact is most falls actually happen in the home. That fall can lead to many new challenges that ca family concern and the senior to lose confidence.

Fall Facts

  • 1 out of 3 seniors falls each year

  • Almost 50% of seniors who fall do not tell their family members

  • 2 out of 3 people who fall once will fall again within 6 months

  • Frequent bathroom trips may indicate UTI which can lead to falls

What can cause a fall?

  • The home not being adjusted to fit a senior's lifestyle

  • Change in medications or miss management of medications

  • Isolation and loneliness

Based on these facts, it should be easy to get a senior to put on the device. Not the case. Studies reveal that only 20% of people owning medical alert devices actually wear them regularly.

Seniors Home Services has solutions that will help keep the senior safe in their homes, also giving families peace of mind.

No wearables! No Cameras! No Voice Recording Devices! The Connect Home Monitoring system uses artificial intelligence (AI) and inferred technology to send an alert when help is needed.

  • 24/7 Live Professional Monitoring

  • Easy to set up- no need for an electrician

  • Touchless Detection and Alerts

  • Filters real emergencies vs false alerts

  • Detects Broken Glass

  • Detects Stoves left on

  • Detects water on the floor

  • Detects Falls

  • Companionship Calls – Technology is great, but it is the human element that sets this product and services apart. A team of four Remote Care Coordinators is assigned to each senior, calling them just to chat about their day, and available for the senior to call them 24/7the senior call them, too

If you want to give yourself and family peace of mind, and help your senior stay safe in their home, reach out to one of our care consultants today. Call or text 800-480-3344.

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