Home Health Care Losing the Battle on Mandates

The pandemic has increased the need for home health care, but the industry is facing more challenges than solutions. Staff shortage caused by failure to abide by vaccination requirements, as well as burn-out, and other rising costs, has put the industry at a disadvantage.

Many agencies instituted a mandate to have staff vaccinated, but for many the deadline has come and gone. “Over 30,000 home health care workers have missed a Thursday deadline to receive at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine,” The New York Times recently reported, citing preliminary data. While HHC agencies continue to educate their staffs, and try to avoid legal challenges in this area, staffing continues to decrease.

Incentives, increase in pay, and other offerings have not fully helped. This leaves a hole in the network that seniors lean on for safety, health, and support. This is where Seniors Home Services can help. We are not a staffing agency, but can offer an extension of support through technology and services.

SHS offers four main services to prevent falls, as we know, a fall changes everything.

  • Home Modifications that make moving within the home safer.

  • A sensor alert system that learns the behavior of the senior, so when something does change, an alert is sent to a 24/7 remote care team. The service even has daily calls and remote vital checks, to ensure the client’s well-being and provide socialization.

  • An unique, NASA created air purification system to improve the air quality

  • Zing Performance, an ever-changing, easy-to-do, ten-minute a day exercise program that helps regenerates the cells in the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls balance, memory, cognition and motor skills!

With these services, Seniors Home Services enables Home Health Care agencies to increase their revenue without adding to their staffing. SHS has even created a very easy way for agencies to connect with Seniors Home Services, with no selling involved.

If you work for a home health agency, reach out to us and we will connect you to one of our care managers who can go over more details. Simply click on the Contact Us Now button. At Seniors Home Services, we are committed to helping seniors and their support networks!

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