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  • Elizabeth Healy

Home Additions for Aging in Place

You or your aging loved one spent a lifetime working hard to have a home. A place that is comfortable, holds memories and has character.

But some of the places in your home that provide warm memories may become risky as one ages. A step that is loose where “Jimmy Fell” can become treacherous, or a carpet that was once plush for the kids to play on is now buckling and a danger when using a cane, walker, or wheelchair. The tub where mom would relax while dad took care of the kids is now too hard to get in and out of. All become protentional fall hazards.

Look around your home or aging loved one’s home. Are there areas that you know need to be upgraded if you or your loved one want to age in place.

Bathrooms: Many bathrooms have tubs that are too high or showers that have an edge that are not comfortable or safe to step over.

Kitchens: Worn-down or slippery tile can be difficult to navigate safely, and stovetops, ovens, and other outdated appliances are not always user-friendly or safe.

Stairways: Not only can it be exhausting to go up and down those steps over and over every day; steep staircases also present a dangerous fall risk.

Air Quality: Keeping the air clean and fresh isn’t done through a spray bottle or even an HVAC filter. You need a purification system. Something that purifies the air from things like mold, dust mites, chemicals, and germs!

Medical Alert System: “Help, I have fallen and can’t get up!” This is not a joke! Every second of every day an older adult falls. Every 20 minutes an elderly loved one passes away from a fall-related injury. But today’s technology can help prevent this through an AI (Artificial Intelligence) sensory system that monitors activity, senses a fall, and alerts a 24/7 remote care coordinator…but DOES NOT use cameras. Click here to watch a QUICK video!

Click here to tell us a little about your loved one’s needs and your concerns. We will match you with a consultant who will be able to be your go-to person, helping your aging loved one stay safe in their own home.

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