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Family Caregiving for the Digital Age.

Smiling seniors and kids because their grandparents have the tools to stay independent
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There are 168 hours in a week.
For how many hours is your loved one alone?
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The New England Journal of Medicine says BEHAVIOR is the most significant determinant of health. So we use your loved one’s behavior to make your caregiving smarter.

We notify you when your loved one’s behavior at home puts them at risk – so you can intervene quickly, identify subtle behavior changes before they become an issue, and bring objective data to their doc for smarter care. And it's NON-INVASIVE: NO CAMERAS OR LISTENING DEVICES!

  • Elderly monitoring system discovers 35+ risky behaviors 24 x 7

  • Smart caregiver immediately notifies your entire caregiver team when your senior may be at risk

  • Keeps seniors at home or in assisted living with independence and dignity

  • Discovers symptoms of compromised wellness and safety you may not see

  • No devices for a forgetful senior to wear, charge, activate or carry

  • Low cost, simple to use, no limit on your number of caregivers

  • Reimbursed by many Long Term Care policies

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Let's Talk Dementia

He STILL has dementia after the caregiver leaves.

If it’s UNTHINKABLE to leave him alone during the day, why is he alone at night? On weekends?

Part-time dementia isn’t a thing. Don’t settle for part-time care.

Our elderly remote monitoring system operates 24 x 7 with absolutely no engagement from the older adult. It’s fully passive and private with no cameras, listening devices, charging, or items to lose, forget, or ignore – which makes buttons and wearables an issue for older adults with memory challenges. 


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Use code 513 on order

Stairlifts, Ramps & Elevators
Full Bathroom Makeovers
Handyman Services 

Medication Management
Air Purification for Seniors
Fall Fracture Prevention Flooring
Kitchen Modifications
Tub to Shower Conversions
Walk-in Tubs 
Ramps and Grab Bars


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