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Safe Medication Disposal

It's a simple basic fact: as people age they take more medications and the more medications they take, especially if there are morning, mid-day and evening doses, the more likely the are to inadvertently mismanage their pills, which is a major cause of hospitalizations and re-admits.

Here is a solution that can protect your family of all ages:

Not everyone who abuses drugs does so intentionally.
You can help!

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Incredibly Simple

This unique and patent-pending product is the ONLY liquid solution that immediately renders pills, tablets, capsules, and liquids non-divertible and ultimately non-retrievable—and the only on-site method of medication destruction that is DEA compliant.

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Entirely Biodegradable

This product is environmentally safe, meaning you can toss depleted solutions right into the trash. Pills, Tablets, capsules, and liquids begin to dissolve immediately and become non-retrievable in under 2 hours. It is a fully biodegradable medication disposal solution for your home or office.

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Safe and Secure

Compounds are rendered non-retrievable on site, eliminating the need for incineration. Additionally, medications are indiscernible and indigestible in the solution to discourage tampering, keeping both controlled and non controlled substances out of the wrong hands.

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More information?

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