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Your single resource for everything a senior needs to be safe, secure, comfortable and happy at home!

If you are one of the 40 million unpaid caregivers responsible for a loved one living at home alone, in many cases miles away from you, resulting in stress and anxiety, worrying if your loved one if having unknown falls, feeling lonely and isolated, lacking physical activity, and mismanaging medications, we encourage you to check out our solutions that can be life changing for you and your loved one!
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24/7 Live Remote Home Care &
Fall Prevention
& Detection

  • In-home sensors - No cameras

  • Artificial Intelligence software

  • 24/7 live remote monitoring

  • Detects unusual activity

  • Prevents falls

  • Detects and responds to falls



Indoor Air

Increases & Improves:

  • Pulmonary Function

  • Cognition and mental skills

  • Strength and agility

  • Balance and motor skills

Eradicates upto 99.96% of virus that causes COVID-19

  • Decreases risk from visitors in the home


Turn Back the Clock on Mental & Physical Abilities

Scientifically proven 10-minute a day program delays, reverses and/or improves:

  • Cognition

  • Memory

  • Balance

  • Motor skills

Avoid falls and maintain independence

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Home Accessibility Modifications

  • Tub to walk-in shower

  • Tub to walk-in tub

  • Standard and flip-up grab bars

  • Complete bathroom renovation

  • Safer kitchens

  • Complete kitchen renovation

  • Non-slip flooring

  • Motion sensor lighting

  • Wider doorways

  • Straight stairlifts

  • Curved Stairlifts

  • Handrails

  • Indoor & Outdoor Platform lifts

  • Ramps

Kitchen Make-Overs


Bathroom Make-Overs

Lifts & Ramps



  • Secured and unsecured financing

  • No money down plans

  • AAG Reverse Mortgage plans