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We detect and help prevent falls from becoming life-changing catastrophes

Grab Bars, Stair Lifts, Ramps, Bathrooms, Kitchens, 24/7 Home Monitoring, Medication Management

We Provide Products, Services, and the Resources to Help You Pay for Them

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Safety for your Senior Family Member. Peace of Mind for the Family.

Fall Facts
1 out of 3 seniors falls each year
Almost 50% of seniors who fall do not tell their family members
2 out of 3 people who fall once will fall again within 6 months
Frequent bathroom trips may indicate UTI which can lead to falls
Stove Left On Facts
Cooking is the 3rd leading cause of deaths by fire for seniors
Cause carbon monoxide poisoning
Cooking fires are the #1 cause of home fires
Wandering Facts
3 out of 5 with cognitive decline will wander
50% of seniors who wander are injured
Can be easily identified with our door monitor
Health Effects of Isolation & Loneliness
Increases onset of dementia by 50%
68% increase in hospitalizations
57% increased risk of emergency room visits
Heart failure patients - 4 times risk of death
29% increased risk of heart disease
32% Increased risk of stroke
Risk of premature mortality from all causes

National Institutes of Health

National Library of Medicine

Impact of Providing Care for Older Adults

Unpaid caregivers for older adults – mainly family – were more than three times

as likely to have suicidal thoughts or to use substances to cope.

Informal or unpaid caregiving has been associated with:

Elevated levels of depression and anxiety

Higher use of psychoactive medications

Worse self-reported physical health

Compromised immune function 

​Increased risk of early death

Disruption of family dynamics

Arguments and divorce

Financial stress

Which also compromise their ability to provide family members the care they need

Family caregivers also often experience economic hardships through lost wages and additional medical expenses.

Instant Fall Detection
A necessity for seniors at risk of falling
Provides 24/7 full room radar screening
Identifies falls immediately
Learns and recognizes sleep patterns
Identifies unusual activity
Identifies room by room activity
Identifies when someone else is in the room
24/7 dedicated monitoring team

To talk to a Care Consultant 

Call or Text 800-480-3344
or fill out the form

Stairlifts, Ramps & Elevators
Full Bathroom Makeovers
Handyman Services 

Medication Management
Air Purification for Seniors
Fall Fracture Prevention Flooring
Kitchen Modifications
Tub to Shower Conversions
Walk-in Tubs 
Ramps and Grab Bars


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